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Custom Technology announces Silicon Philosophies’ acquisition of Cinema Craft®  
Tokyo-(BUSINESS WIRE) Custom Technology Corporation (CTC) today announced the completion of a business transfer agreement, granting full ownership (outside Japan) plus exclusive Intellectual Property (IP), development and worldwide distribution rights for CINEMA CRAFT® AVC/H.264, MVC and Standard Definition video encoding products, to their former European distributor Silicon Philosophies.
CINEMA CRAFT® products are considered the fastest, most accurate and efficient encoders for DVD and Blu-ray (BD) production, out-performing all competing brands and generating encoded content 100% compatible with Authoring applications, software and hardware players. They have long been entrusted and utilized by leading Video Post-Production studios (IMAGION, MSM, Platin-media, SONY DADC, Deluxe Digital, Disney, Paramount, Warner, Toshiba, Panasonic) and Broadcasters (FOX, HBO, Turner) as well as video enthusiasts in Hollywood, Europe and Asia to satisfy their most stringent encoding requirements.
The CINEMA CRAFT® brand is synonymous with quality, positively impacting the Video Home Entertainment industry for over 15-years, delivering pristine MPEG and H.264 encoding for DVD, Blu-ray, BDLive and Video-on-Demand (VOD) often comparable to IMAX or Cineplex viewing experiences, guaranteeing exceptional and award-winning results (
Terms like “technical expertise” and “exceptional customer service” are often used to describe the hands-on and courteous support Silicon Philosophies provides their customers, enabling realization and timely delivery of projects. Silicon’s CEO & Marketing Director, Miguel Clarke has committed to “Capitalizing on our joint history and engaging our engineering partners and customers more closely in decision making. Our synergetic and cohesive relationships will provide mutual growth, success and profitability as we continue to positively impact the rapidly evolving multi-media industry. We are committed to maintaining the renowned quality of the Cinema Craft brand and perpetuate the vision of CTC’s late President, Hideo Nagashima, who died recently.”
About Silicon Philosophies:
Silicon Philosophies (formerly Front Porch Video) engineered the world’s first MPEG2 encoder for Toshiba and Warner Bros. They provide customized hardware, software and workflow solutions geared towards Video Post-Production, Broadcast, Internet and Aviation, deployed in several Automated DVD, Dolby AC3, Media Archiving and Video Streaming and Noise Filtering applications (
About Custom Technology Corporation:
Custom Technology Corporation are manufacturers of the CINEMA CRAFT® encoding and reneat Film Restoration tools, considered the most efficient for generating unmatched quality MPEG2, H.264/AVC and MVC streams. They currently provide highly sophisticated Change-Management tools for Security Exchanges, the military and banks in Asia (