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San Jose, CA (August, 10th , 1999) - Cinemacraft Inc. today announced a new line of real-time MPEG-2 encoding software that will embrace a wide spectrum of multimedia applications from consumer to professional markets. By optimizing Intel’s streaming SIMD extensions in the new Pentium III chip, Cinemacraft Inc. has developed a low cost, high quality, real-time software encoding engine that eliminates the trade-off between quality and speed that has previously distinguished software from hardware encoding. “This technological breakthrough has brought Cinemacraft™ to a level that surpasses existing high cost hardware solutions and represents a paradigm shift in digital technology that will ultimately put MPEG-2 in the mainstream of commercial, corporate, educational and professional applications,” said Mark Moore, Director of Sales and Marketing, Cinemacraft Inc.

The product line includes a high end MPEG-2 encoding system for professional use, as well as special prosumer and basic consumer versions that will be available to developers as an SDK or Microsoft Direct Show filters. The prosumer and consumer versions are also offered as plugins for Adobe Premiere 5.0.

All versions will share the same production level quality and support real-time MPEG-2 encoding at D1 resolution on a dual 450 MHz Pentium III and real-time MPEG-2 at half D1 resolution on a single 450 MHz Pentium III system.  

Cinemacraft Inc. has also announced a strategic alliance with Front Porch Video Inc. They will jointly market the new technology to developers and users of MPEG-2 applications, ranging from the broadcast of digital video to individuals wishing to play back high quality demonstration video material from within their desk top presentation software. “We are excited to be a part of this ground breaking technology”, explained Dr. Jay Yogeshwar, President , Front Porch Video, Inc. “We see the Cinemacraft™ software being able to provide real gains in value; qualifying not as an apparent, but real paradigm shift”.

Cinemacraft Inc will be at DVD Pro in San Francisco from August 16th –17th (Booth #301), to unveil the new software.    

About Cinemacraft Inc.
Cinemacraft, Inc., a San Jose, CA subsidiary of Custom Technology Corporation of Yokohama, Japan develops, manufacturers and sells MPEG1 and MPEG-2 software as well as other image processing codecs. CTC has developed numerous product configurations with the software MPEG encoding as its core. These products are of immense interest to OEM’s and VAR’s in several industries, including Cable, Broadcast, Personal Computers, Internet and DVD Production.

About Front Porch Video Inc.
During the past three years, Front Porch Video Inc. has been in the forefront of Custom Software Development for Digital Video. They have extensive industry experience, and have built close ties with the cable, multimedia, broadcast and post-production communities. This relationship has lead to their development of software for some leading companies: Microsoft (Web Video Mastering System), Intel (PC-99 test software suite), Worldgate Communications (compression engine for Internet over Cable), Daikin (Still picture encoder software), FutureTel (two pass VBR software for the C-Cube class of processors). Their principals often present seminars and papers at leading conferences and have also established a world class DVD Authoring and Compression facility, within their offices.