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Augsburg, Germany (Nov. 20, 2010) – Following intense development and Beta testing with selected customers, Custom Technology (CTC) announces the release of CINEMA CRAFT® HD encoder Ver. 1.12.01, referred to as CC-3De. Unveiled during IBC Exhibition 2010 in Amsterdam, this upgrade adds MVC (Multiview Video Coding) functionalities to their AVC/H.264 (Advanced Video Coding) product, resulting in a turbo-charged, multi-functional Blu-ray (BD) encoding application. 

When considering a 3D Stereoscopic encoding solution, the primary concerns are format compliancy, precision, synchronization, picture quality and speed. CC-3De addresses these and much more, delivering fully integrated AVC/H.264 plus MVC processing toolsets in a single application. File Property, Bit-budgeting, Filters, Quantization Matrices, Encoder Presets plus an array of Quality Control functions for efficient 2D encoding, have been combined with features which support simultaneous Base and Dependent 3D stream manipulation, providing the means to achieve the exceptional picture quality for which CINEMA CRAFT® HD is famous. Both products offer high return on investment due to consistent, efficient and time-saving functions: 

  • 100% BD and MVC compliant streams (SONY, Interra and Eclipse verified)
  • Compatible with all professional BD/BD-Java authoring applications
  • Faster than real-time encoding speed
  • Optimized for efficient CPU utilization
  • Ingest of all HD file types, frame-rates and formats
  • Multiple functionalities for precise results and best picture quality
  • Compatibility with all Blu-ray players and SONY PS3 

Some leading studios in Europe, Asia and USA are already capitalizing on CINEMA CRAFT® HD for their MVC encoding needs. “Several titles including “Die Fantastischen Vier Live 3D”, performed and recorded recently in Halle (Germany) and simulcast in over 100 theatres across Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Switzerland, have been successfully released”, explained Miguel Clarke of CTC distribution partners - Silicon Philosophies, “and many more are scheduled for the coming months”. Clarke assured us saying, “Video professionals who’ve tested CC-3De are flabbergasted by its speed, precision, quality control functions and spec-compliant results. They view it as the only sensible and effective 3D encoding solution that can help them meet rigid production schedules, which lie ahead!” 

Custom Technology has dominated the market since deploying the CINEMA CRAFT® HD encoder in 2006, continually out-performing the competition through use proprietary algorithms, specialized engineering techniques, while capitalizing on the fastest most advanced computer hardware available. Their success is not accidental but resulted from the ability to anticipate, communicate, prioritize and respond rapidly, delivering features of the highest standard to satisfy the stringent requirements of Compression Engineers, Authoring and Post-production facilities the world over. 

Whether your projects consist of feature films, sports, nature, art, documentaries, corporate presentations, computer graphics, 3D animation or other video content, CC-3De brings out the colorful beauty and detail, with unequalled precision, of Avatar’s Pandora, Lichtmond’s sound landscapes, Narnia or the 2010 FIFA World Cup. “Watching a 3D feature encoded with CC-3De, gives the illusion of being immersed in the scenery”, added Clarke. He further cautioned, “When entrusted with processing an important video project, never sacrifice picture quality, accept mediocrity or gamble your reputation on substitutes.”