News & Activities

Working meticulously during the past few months, we have managed to implement a considerable number of customer requests
and improvements to KITe’s HDMV, Java authoring and Menu compilation applications. The resulting “KITe Authoring Suite Ver. 2.1”
represents a more optimized and efficient product, geared towards stand-alone usage but equally capable of importing (BD-ReAuthor)

diverse projects and discimages created by 3rd-party UHD and BD authoring applications.


These efforts have enabled users to process some significant UHD title releases for the European and Asian markets, which include
Valerian”, “LaLa Land”, “Hitsman’s Bodyguard“ as well as the first European Dolby Vision™ release “Saw Legacy”, to name a few....

For a partial list of reference titles authored with KITe, please visit our website:


KITe Ver. 2.1 additionally offers full support for:

  • Dolby Vision™
  • Remote Control colored button utilization for Pure Audio® UHD / Blu-ray
  • Sophisticated Java and HDMV title creation
  • Multi-format audio (Auro-3D®, DTS HD, DTS:X, PCM/WAV, Dolby™ TrueHD, Atmos, Dolby™ Digital)
  • Browseable Slideshows
  • Multi-format subtitles

KITe UHD/BD HDMV 2.1 feature improvements:

  • Significantly improved 3D mux accuracy
  • Automatic BDCMF paths filling for opened project
  • Sequence End code automatic set for all Video format
  • Improved SubPath handling for Browseable Slideshows and 3D
  • Improved Audio handling for Browseable Slideshows
  • IGEditor: Added "Update PS Designer PSD" [*New]
  • IGEditor: Added additional method for "Update SCN PS Designer" [*New]
  • IGEditor: Improved BOG handling
  • Clip and PlayItem duration changes
  • Added WAV Mixer tool for WAV64 file creation [*New]
  • Added menu item "Go to file location..." in Assets Tab [*New]
  • Improved Wave64 handling
  • Improved BD Import
  • Improved PES De-muxing

KITe UHD/BD Java 2.1 [*New] features include:

  • Ability to disable Top menu call for Movies / Playlists
  • Added ability to "Import/Export” templates
  • Added "Merge projects..." feature, enabling merging (import) parts of multiple projects
  • SWITCH and MultiAction added to the First Play and Top Menu
  • Added ability to create User Defined Functions
  • Added Copy & Paste into the advanced animation edit window
  • Added support for forced subtitles
  • Added "Copy as static" and "Place at the bottom" to the "Copy to" window
  • Added Ctrl + PgUp and Ctrl + PgDown hotkeys
  • Added ability to position text using baseline and middle coordinates
  • Updated simulation engine with structured and extended Debug Log
  • Options and Project properties redesigned
  • Action Matrix and Action List redesigned